Buzios Attraction

Armação de Búzios

The refuge of the cariocas

One of the most sought-after destinations for tourists in the Lakes Region, on the coast of Rio de Janeiro, the beautiful Armação dos Búzios lavishes scenarios worthy of postcard. With different beaches due to the irregular geography of its coast is a must stop for those who visit the state of Rio de Janeiro.

The great reason to get to know Búzios is in the open air. With more than 20 beaches, the city has options for surfers, families and sports enthusiasts such as wind and kite surfing. Embark on this trip and fall in love!

Despite the quiet climate of the city, Búzios has a lot to offer, especially in summer, when the bustle takes over Rua das Pedras and Orla Bardot, Check it out! Check out below some tips we have prepared for you or call us for custom tours.



The Orla Bardot is distinguished by a magnificent sculpture by the real-life artist Christina Motta of the famous French actress Brigitte Bardot, who first visited this part of the peninsula in 1964. The sculpture celebrates the publicity bustle that gave birth Operation of the tourist infrastructure in this city. However, the shoreline is home to much more than this sculpture, it is a path that plays the role of a small shore of Canto beach to the beach of Armação. Also noteworthy are the sculptures of three fishermen pulling a net and President JK (Juscelino Kubitschek), the founder of Brasília.


This cosmopolitan street is the main meeting center, and in reality is the social heart of Búzios, because here the best restaurants, bars, art galleries, shops and even a cinema with debut films and art classics are concentrated. In Rua das Pedras you will be living with tourists from different parts of the world, while walking on the polished stones that paved the street giving its name. At the end of the street with Ossos beach you will find the Orla Bardot, with a sculpture of the actress who gave fame to this peninsula and that for that very reason is a tourist attraction. Do not forget your camera!


The main attraction of Búzios is its beaches, more than twenty-five, such as huge stretches of sand and waters that can be calm and cold or strong and warm waves. You can do sports like football, motocross, kayaking, banana boating, bodyboarding, surfing, windsurfing, as well as snorkeling and diving.

It is an arduous task to talk about the best beaches in Búzios, considering the various options that the city has. They are beautiful beaches and some paradisiacal, always with crystalline waters and a lot of beauty around.

On every beach a surprise. The left side has cold waters due to the passage of drier sea currents. The beaches on the right side have warmer water. Among the main beaches are the following:


1- Praia da Armação - This beach is in the famous Rua das Pedras, of great social life
2- Ferradura Beach and Tartarugas Beach - Of calm and warm waters
3- Geribá Beach - Scenery of sports and cultural competitions. To see and be seen
4- João Fernandes Beach - One of the most frequented by its restaurants and bars
5- João Fernandinho Beach - Excellent nightlife
6- Praia Brava - Great for water sports such as surfing
7- Praia dos Ossos - One of the most popular beaches, preferred by lovers of sailing
8- Manguinhos and Baia Formosa beaches - Both with calm waters and ideal for windsurfing
9- Virgin Beach - Mount with a small strip of sand, access by walk or boat
10- Praia dos Amores - Warm and calm waters perfect for swimming
11- Praia do Canto - Located in the center of the city
12- Azeda and Ferradurinha Beach - Excellent for diving for its crystalline and calm waters
13- Olho de Boi beach - Important naturist beach
14- Praia da Foca - Beach with strong waves, ideal for surfing


The Santos Dumont Square is the authentic heart of the city, where special events are held every weekend, including musical fairs, handicraft sales and also hosts some annual film presentations each November. Another option is the charming Plaza Ossos, which is in front of the homonymous beach. Even though it is small, it is usually visited by nature lovers and those seeking a quiet space to sit and read a book or have a quiet conversation.


This humble chapel founded in 1740 was the first religious building erected in the Armação de Búzios. The image of Santa Ana that is in this small temple has an interesting legend about its origin that is worth knowing. At the back of the chapel is the old slave graveyard that today serves as a chosen place for funeral urns. If you are interested in stories full of mysticism and magic you have to visit this unique chapel, which will fascinate you.


Between the beaches Ferradurinha and Amores are natural formations that are hollows of various sizes and levels, like basins, formed in rocks of volcanic origin. These natural pools offer a magnificent spectacle as the water falls between them with the natural movement of the sea. Although access is difficult because it requires experienced guides, it is well worth the wonderful spectacle once you are there.


Ponta da Lagoinha is a beautiful geographic feat in which you can appreciate beautiful rock formations and small natural dams with crystalline water, where you can find magnificent fauna and flora. This place has already proven to scientists about the separation between the African and South American continent, due to its rocky composition and some fossils. Access is something complex, but for nature lovers and hiking trails this is a must see landscape.


This area is located on the border between Búzios and Cabo Frio, comprises 3 square kilometers of forest and lakes, among which is the only freshwater lake in the region, which is usually observed around 83 species of migratory birds; Plus there are 300 species of butterflies and mammals such as the Hands-bare monkey, as well as a large amount of plant species in trees, flowers and shrubs. Here there is an interesting marsh with marine fossil remains of more than 7000 years, and some vestiges of the colonization that can be visited along with experienced guides.


The Búzios peninsula can be visually appreciated from any of the viewpoints strategically located on the edges of Praia Brava; A viewpoint next to João Fernandes beach and the other with Forno beach, which is the most popular because of its easy access. It really is worth knowing these lookouts to glimpse several beaches and islands from the same place. Marine remains of more than 7000 years, and some vestiges of the colonization that can be visited along with experienced guides.


The Búzios peninsula is surrounded by several islands, which can be visited in an interesting three to five hour drive. It can be performed on a yacht, catamaran, fishing boats, sailboats or schooners.


During the tour drinks and snacks or sandwiches are already served, already included, and you can ask them to stop the boat for a swim. The main islands they visit are:

1- Ilha Rasa - Located 10 kilometers from the pier of Búzios, with beautiful beach
2- Ilha Feia - Considered a nature reserve, with caves and small beaches
3- Caboclo Island - Ecological reserve in front of the center of Búzios
4- Ilha Branca - Located in front of João Fernandes bridge


Taking advantage of the beautiful natural landscapes of this peninsula is the 2 kilometer Búzios Golf Club, considered one of the best in Latin America, and where the fanatics of this sport can spend hours practicing their "7 greens" or Getting rid of the interesting obstacles along its 18-hole putting green.


The coasts of Búzios are rich in flora and fauna underwater. The tranquility of the waters, deep and shallow, on some beaches is an invitation to contemplate its ecosystem closely, so diving is widely practiced around the whole peninsula. Snorkeling is practiced on the beaches of João Fernandes and João Fernandinho, which has crystalline waters, tranquil and not too deep. The equipment can be rented, so you do not bother to carry it during your trip. You can also ask local guides to take you to the most interesting places and give you diving lessons.


Thanks to the variety of waters and succession of waves that exist in the beaches, of all peninsula of Armação de Búzios, one can realize all type of nautical sports and of sailing; In fact it is considered as one of the best worldwide destinations for this type of activity. Windsurfing competitions, hobie cats, wake boards and kite surfing are held here. There are also specialized schools where you can learn and enjoy these sports with the best professionals.

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