Red Beach in RJ


Praia Vermelha is located in the neighborhood of Urca, in the city of Rio de Janeiro and has small dimensions - about 200 meters. In its yellowish and not so fine sands can be seen red and pink crystals of garnet. Its green sea, calm and of great depth favors the renewal and the passage of chains.

This beach is a beautiful hideaway almost hidden in the city of Rio de Janeiro, with a breathtaking view of the Sugar Loaf, cable car and an environmental preservation area. Between the hill of Urca and the hill of Babylon.

The beach is flanked by two fortresses, now occupied by the Military Circle of Praia Vermelha and the municipal school Gabriela Mistral. In the region there are several historical monuments and on the beach itself there is a statue of Chopin.

(boarding and landing)

Leaving the Marina da Glória the boat will pass through Outeiro da Glória, Monument of the Pracinhas, MAM, Aeroporto Santos Dumont. 


Flamengo beach (optional, photo stop with the Sugar Loaf as background), Botafogo Cove with full views of Corcovado, Urca, Fort St. John, Fort Lage, Santa Cruz Fortress, Praia de Fora and Red Beach. After the service the boat returns to Marina da Glória.