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Aluguel de Barcos


   We are a nautical company specialized in boat trips, onboard parties and corporate events.


All our locations are private, already include the fuel and the sailor, and can be customized.


We offer our customers a quality service, with security and fair prices.

We guarantee the best cost benefit of the market!


Enjoy all the comfort, privacy and glamor that only a private boat offers.


Call now and make your reservation!

Register and receive tips, discounts and promotions!

Follow the step by step to streamline the service and get the budget with the best cost benefit


Our portfolio is made up of different models, sizes and types of boats with different infrastructure among them, to suit all tastes, different audiences and sizes of groups.


For this, we have a great diversity of boats. We have a complete fleet of boats, yachts, sailboats, sloops, catamarans, boats and trawlers.

Aluguel de barcos para passeio pesca, mergulho, esportes, festa a bordo, cinzas ao mar, apoio a regatas, esportes náuticos, fotos e filmagem.
Sugestão de roteiros para passeio de barco no Rio de Janeiro
Quais cuidados devo ter para alugar um barco. Passear de barco com segurança e melhor custo benefício
Sujestão de trajetos para passear de barco no Rio dej Janeiro
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