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Considered one of the most beautiful beaches in the country and one of the most famous in the world, Copacabana is a beach of the tourists' preference for presenting white sand and a great sea for bathing, especially in the summer season.

Located in the south zone of Rio de Janeiro, Copacabana hosts every year great musical events and sporting championships of volleyball and soccer, for example. Another great attraction of Copacabana beach is the black and white boardwalk built with Portuguese stones and has been scene of scenes in several films and novels.

In addition to several restaurants located near the beach, visitors can find on the edge of Copacabana several establishments that offer a good variety of dishes and drinks.

The New Year's Eve in Copacabana is the biggest New Year party, not only in Rio de Janeiro, but all over Brazil. Last year, the event attracted about two million people, according to records of the Military Police, and received tourists from abroad and from various parts of the country.

The pyrotechnic show, one of the most anticipated moments of the party, lasts on average 16 minutes and is accompanied by a soundtrack. Last year he opened with the song "Bugler's dream and Olympic medley" and followed with 17 other compositions. The choice of the trail was based on the Olympic Games, which happened now in 2016, based in the city of Rio de Janeiro.

The programming for the New Year's Eve of Copacabana 2017 and for the parties in Rio de Janeiro has not yet been announced, but should keep the tradition of being a great event. In 2016 the theme was related to the Olympics and the 100 Years of Samba, the New Year's Eve of Copacabana received several artists in the main stage, including Zeca Pagodinho, Jorge Ben Jor and Diogo Nogueira. The latter still participated in a theatrical spectacle, novelty in the event, called "SamBRA, 100 years of samba".

Besides free programming, Rio de Janeiro offers several events for the public that want more exclusivity and convenience. Almost 20 private events are part of the New Year's Eve in RJ. Festivities such as New Year's Eve, Royal Tulip New Year's Eve and Hedkandi New Year's Eve are considered the best and have comfort, national and international attractions, open bar and all inclusive services.

Even with all these free and private offers, which are usually expensive, a strong tendency of recent years due to the increase of the assaults and the violence caused by the great concentration of people in the streets, the carioca are looking for alternatives to accompany this great party with everything Comfort, privacy and security.

One of the most sought after services at this time is the rental of boats for private tours. The company Fantasma Boat provides moments like this to its customers, who seek to know the city from a new angle, to enjoy the new year at sea with friends and family.

If you liked the idea you should book your boat in advance, because as the services are personalized the company needs to prepare to meet your needs. If you decide early on, be very careful with some companies in the market. Demand all company documentation such as the Ministry of Tourism certificate and boat navigation and safety equipment.